i have the chance of getting this amp used for 400 euros (they're 600+ new). i'll be using this for band practice, will it be enough?

since it's sued, what should i be looking out for...like you know...the weak spots.

is it a good idea getting this amp for the money?

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I've been looking into Laney amps recently too and as you probably know all the reviews you'll find on the net for the LC-30 are pretty good, but they don't really speak that much for reliability because many reviewers have only owned it for a month or so. My local guitar shop has refused to buy any more stock of the Laney VC range, due to reliability problems (everyone keeps returning their amps!). While they haven't had a problem with the LC range, I'm led to wonder as to the reliability of Laney amps across their combo valve amp ranges.

My buying advice would be to try it, ask about reliability history, if it has been serviced and when new tubes were last installed.

Good luck mate.

EDIT: Ooh and my school used to have an old LC-30. It was sold long before I'd developed an ear for tone, but I remember it being extremely loud (I set a car alarm off with it) and quite sizeable too.
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It'll be plenty loud enough for band practice. I've not had any problems with mine and I've had it for a year and a half, but for maybe 8 months of that it was at my parents house not being played (no room and too loud for where I was).
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