Hello. I play lead guitar, and im going to learn theory i decided. Anyway. My band that I have, I decided since my drummers learning funk, and my bassist is learning funk. That we will play hard funk rock. I play heavy bluesy sounding metal. And I was just wondering, what kind of riffs and keys are most common in funk? and what would be some good ideas to still keep my style and play funk. Like to make this more clear I want to play my heavy riffs but with the funk style. Any idea's or suggestions, and answers will be greatly benificial for me as a musician and to help the sound of my band. ****Note we are just starting the band up Me the drummer and the bassist. Im not sure on whether or not were having a second guitarist or not.
yeah but what about some heavy/funk cuz i want my heavy style that iv always been accustomed to playing to be heard in this new style i'll fusing together funk/metal(or hardrock/heavy
rhythm, rhythm, rhythm

funk is so much about rhythms. Not necessarily the scales you play, but how you play them. Listen to some Family Stone and take note of how big a part of the music the rhythms are
I want to fuse the two styles together though. to get a really heavy sounding yet funkadelic tune.
Why not check out the Chili's and Incubus to see what they did? If you like it, it could influence your playing a bit and give you an idea of how to play Funk Rock/Metal/Whichever you want.

I've been listening to a lot of the Chili's music for a few months now and I've made up some Funkier riffs, which I love to hear heh. Hope this helps!
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Learn some straight funk, then bring metal sensabilities to it. Chances are that by you learing some "stock" funk, it will blend with the heaviness you already have to help you achieve the sound you're after.

Rhythm chops are big. Rhythm in general is big in funk.
yeah, RCHP would be your first stop here, especially their earlier stuff, which is funk rock/metal.

generally, you use the blues and minor pentatonic shapes, but a lot of "funky" chords use notes outside those scales, so don't be limited.

and funk is more about rhythm than anything else, so get your rhythm chops up.

sometimes a rhythm part just using straight muted notes can be more effective than anything else.
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Listen to funk and analyze!

Try these bands:

Tower of Power
Parliament (Very funny guys)
Sly and the Family Stone

I find fusing genres together doesn't really work well when you try and conciously do it. It ends up sounding more of a novelty that way. Instead, just consume as much funk as you can, both by listening and in playing, and it will sync up with your metal madness.
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Like Nightwind said listen to old funk music, Parliament-Funkadelic (P-Funk) are a very cool bad quite funky, early chili's The Uplift Mofo Party Plan is a good early Incubus as well. Lots of mutes with stacato's.

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Alright, im just going to experiment with some different stuff, I will try doing some different approaches to this.
Look at early RHCP, specifically Mother's Milk and some of BloodSexSugarMagick, and maybe the even earlier stuff but I don't know those albums well.

And as for scales, the blues scale with some extra passing tones would be what you want. There are other scales for funk, but not how you would be doing it.

Oh and look ate some Rage Against The Machine as well, nearly evey riff morello does is in the blues scale.
Yea, i would agree with everything the other guys said. But my 2 cents would be to add in some good distortion to get that metally feel. Like try playing the start of Play that Funky Music White Boy. But play a little slowwer and have that distortion ringing.
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Try dorian and mixolydian scales
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Dr. Funkenstein himself (George Clinton, if you don't know) says the key to Funk is emphasising the first beat of every bar. Example (if each word here is one beat):

WE got the Funk.

That's what he said in a documentary I saw about him once, and, y'know, he's da man. He has pink dredlocks. Can't argue with that shit.
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