I am most likely going to be buying a Schecter Elite 4 and I have a quick question. If I were to buy a volume pedal for it, which pedal should I get? An active pedal like the Ernie Ball Jr. VP Active or the Ernie Ball Jr. VP Passive? The active has a 25K ohm pot and the passive is 250 ohms. I'm not going to be brand specific, these are just examples that were easiest to find, my real question is regarding whether the bass is active or passive.
Get an active pedal nomatter what you get!

A passive volume pedal basicly works like a glorified guitar volume! An active volume pedal (despite taking batteries) actually cuts the volume properly, with actuall circutry instead of just a copper conducter rubbing against silicon.
So the more components your signal goes through, the better?
Yeah, good luck with that.

I'm not very familiar with the Ernie Ball pedals, but common sense would suggest that an active pedal can boost as well as cut the signal, whereas a passive pedal would only cut.

Also, according to the FAQ on the Ernie Ball site, the active pedals are designed to work with guitars that have active electronics (onboard preamp), and passive pedals with guitars that have passive electronics.