I own a Fender Squier Stratocaster, Fender Frontman 15g amp, and a Dan Donegan's Digitech "The weapon" pedal. I want to upgrade the sound quality. What amp would sound good for metal and is not that expensive. Like under $300 (Not looking for like professional stuff just a better sound.) And dose anyone know how a Washburn Maya dd61 (a signature guitar of Dan Donegan) would sound? I know Gibsons are nice but never have played a Washburn. Also is the Krank distorion pedal any good?

Washburn Maya dd61

The Weapon Pedal

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without a doubt the roland cube 30x... i own a cube 15 and let me tell you it kicks ass... the cube 30 is an even meaner machine and the flexibility is awesome! i'm actually after a 30x myself as i play mainly metal. It has built in delay and and efx board including phaser, flanger etc. the whole amp is 100% worth the money i wouldn't recommend anything else
New amp first. A Roland Cube 60 for you my friend. Do some research on them, they're amazing, especially for the price.
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