its all in the sig. the pickups are less than a year old they came in my SLSMG and i swapped them out. no damage to them. i got the tubes recently, tried them out, liked my KT77s more, therefore im selling those. they are basically brand new at almost half price. ive had the wah pedal for a while (origional owner), but it never left the pedal board in my room, and i never was much of a wah user (hense i decided to sell it). it has all origional packaging etc.
damn you dont have that SD Distortion for sale anymore?
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PM sent!
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Those cameras are really cool. I'm watching a parking lot right now.

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alright, you need to tell me how you get the shits to come out
oh sorry about that i thought i put up a price. ill take $80 shipped in the U.S.. im not sure what these normally go for so im unsure if thats too high or anything, but either way im not in a rush to get rid of it so nobody has to take it if thats too much
if my prices are too high by all means shoot me a reasonable offer (keyword there being reasonable)
yea i have a pedalboard already, and unfortunately i do not use flanger nor do i need another guitar. thanks for the offer though
i stated a few posts above that im looking for $80 shipped in the US.. i guess i better put it in my sig with the others i thought i did already lol