okay so i have to write my resume, but im not too sure what i need on it, we were never properly shown in class, and id like to know if you guys can tell me what i need to have writing on it. oh and also i live in canada incase that makes some sort of a difference. Thanks in advance for everyones help.
Make sure it's cleanly laid out and includes:

Given name and surname.
Telephone number.
Email if you have one.
Postal code.

And for the body:

Employment experience.
Volunteer experience.
Anything else you feel applicable.

Include dates if possible, for example: June 2006 - January 2007

If it's for school you probably won't have much to put on it though. I've only had two jobs and mine is about half a page. I only actually used a resume for one of them though, and it was my first job.
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i haven't been turned down for a job when I hand in my own resume, just make sure you don't make it look like you tooo enthusiastic just eager to work and for a while. Employers like it when they think they are hiring some1 for a long time.