Just a quick one, would it be ok to use a standard computer microphone to record myself singing and playing acoustic through? I just wanna record some acoustic stuff through my laptop and audacity.

I know it won't be the best sound quality, but would it be good enough for my requirements?

Cheers people!
Well if it's just for your own personal use(like practicing or recording a song just to be able to listen to it) it should be fine, I mean chances are you're not going to be able to record a demo with it or anything(unless it's an unusually good one[Extremly unusual]). I would say that with some EQing and stuff on your end you might be able to get a bareable sound.

Basically it's dependant on your Mic and your sound card. You'll get best sound if you can do them seperately aswell.

You'd really need to state your requirements though, you were kindof vague. You'll never know untill you try. Odds are it won't sound too good.

Overall though your best bet would be to record an electric directly into the computer(it just needs a 1/4" female - 1/8" male mono adapter which are like 4$ at radio shack.) Then record the voice only through the mic(you could do it at the same time with a splitter)

I personally have no experience with recording acoustics though so I can't really say, as I said before though just give it a try and maybe with some EQ'ing and filtering you will be able to get it to the right tone, or at least listenable for yourself or maybe it'll sound fine from the start. If worst comes to worst you can always do it the electric way(you can actually get some pretty decent sounding acoustic sounds with the right filters) It could see a computer mic having trouble picking both up at the same time though.
I'm not sure they're made to handle the frequencies of an instrument. There's great potential that it will should shit. But you never know.
it'll be fine...ish.

kidding. it won't be pro quality or anything, but yeah it'll get the job done just fine.
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I'm not sure they're made to handle the frequencies of an instrument. There's great potential that it will should shit. But you never know.

They're made to handle the frequencies of the human voice, which covers most of the same range.

The one thing i forgot to add on my last post is, when you do record, make sure to keep a good distance from the mic and raise the volume later, maybe play/sing quite loud if necessary because I have found that up close they do sound really horrible and they seem to be susceptible to cutting out/distorting at close range but handle sounds at 1.5-2+ fine(in my experience they pick up everything you don't want them to clearly[ambient sound] and direct sound seems to suffer[oddly enough]).