so im in an electronic music class right now, and we have keyboards (music ones not computer ones) hooked up to the computer through a midi cable, and we can record in prime quality using garageband on an imac. im wondering if there was any possible way i could do this for pc considering there is no garageband? is there any program that would be able to read the notes i push on the keyboard and turn them into like, any instrument? and is there anything like this for guitar and keyboard?
Although I havn't tested it yet (don't have a keyboard,) Reason has a MIDI optional.

And what's electronic music class like? I've been thinking about taking a class like it (or at least like what I think it is)
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its awesome for me, but ive played piano for like 12 years so its fairly easy. i basically play any instrument on the keyboard and mix em all together to make sweet songs.
This has been possible for over 20 years thanks to MIDI (Music Instrument Digital Interface).

To avoid paying a ridiculous price for a midi -> 15-pin converter and a gamport for your computer, you can just pick up a usb midi keyboard for less than $100.

You don't need a program like garageband to play any instrument, you can just use a software synthesiser. I don't know of any for windows though, since I'm using open-source (good) software. Zynaddsubfx, fluidsynth, amsynth, and dssi are great if you're willing to enter linux.
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i know garageband definintely isnt for PC having explored down that road myself. But there's a studio program called Live Lite 6 that I use on my PC. It's complex, but it's got alot of options and theres a good tutorial program. I bought it with my little guitar-usb box thingy.
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not to sure . . . but can fruity loops (fl studio) do this kind of stuff? If it can . . . that might help
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