I wanted to know what some good tunes to play at your first gig (preferably Metallica, or Trivium)

We have 2 electric, 1 bass, a drummer and a singer(guy)

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play stuff that

1. people will know and like

2. is upbeat, people dont like to hear depressing music when they want to have fun.
Red hot chili peppers - parallel universe

You know you want to.
Iron Man - Black Sababth
Smoke On the Water - Deep Purple
Enter Sandman - Metallica
Red Barchetta - Rush
Try a huge cover that everyone will know (I personally would choose Highway to hell or something like that). Also, rather obscure songs by very famous artists (i.e. that AC/DC or sabbath song that not alot of people know) are usually good.
Play Rain by trivium, adn if you really wanna play metallica, play 'The thing that should not be'
Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend

Chicks will love it.
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Although I'm a pit monkey, I'm fairly sure theres a bandleading forum and you may get better responses there.

My vote goes to War Pigs. Because it rocks.
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