i wrote a new song called stress, just had a shitty day and felt like playing something to cool myself down.

Let me know what you guys think,

"Stress" - http://yarbird.dmusic.com/
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That was very nice my friend...
The guitar solo had some The Doors feel to it, wich I really liked. (You have a good music taste by the way.) The trumpets in the background gives the song a lot of soul and I quite liked it. To me, its a real chill song...

Keep it up!

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It sounded to me like you hit a few weird notes and the tone was not that great. I'm assuming that the backing is from freelicks.net (the chord progression is a little strange). Even with the weird notes and tone it was still pretty good. Good job. Just make sure you hit the right notes and dial in a nice tone. Other than that good job. Keep it up. Mind critting mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=522091
Hmm sounds cool. Don't like the lead ton though. Imo should be payed acoustic or clean, it would fit better. The backing track I like. Sounds really pelaxing. Did you do it yourself? Some people seem to be suggesting you didn't. The sound quality isn't great either.

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no, i didn't do the backing track. It came from a site called www.freelicks.net and the lead was done in one take. and i was having a problem picking a good tone for that song, because i wanted the sustain of heavy distortion, but not the crunch sound. so i compromised for a little of both. (bad chocie)
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the doors, led zeppelin, grateful dead, rolling stones, yes, yardbirds, neil young ,csny, elo, elp
First of all, didn't like the backing, second of all, your tone sounds like a midi video game lead. Your bends were pretty off too, need more vibrato, and you have to play with more confidence. Overall, it's not that bad at all, kind of fun, but the lead is pretty boring at times, the bends reallyyyy detracted from it, your slides sounded unsure too, like you didn't know where you wanted to land.

Again, halfway in, and the bends are killing me. I'd have stopped at 2 minutes, you seem to just keep reiterating yourself after that. You never really picked up the tempo, or switched it up, or anything, it got really dull. After about 3 minutes, my itunes stopped playing it, so ya.

Not bad at all.
If you jazzed this up with a clean tone and chromatics, and less bending, it'd be very interesting to hear.

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awesome lead tone...and of course the melody too..
i seriously need some lessons in getting some good tones..
few little off notes/bends around the place, but overall pretty relaxing to listen to. what did you use to record? the tone couldve had a bit more gain i think, remember you can get a nice warm tone from changing the pickup selector too

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