I know a lot of gigs are about the music, but more so the showman ship in some occasions. I want to play Highway to Hell, because it's a great song that everyone knows, and it easy enough that i could jump around and have fa lot of fun, is it a good choice?
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I think he wants to play something EASY and MAINSTREAM.

Really anything by Ac/Dc would be great, just hope you don't butcher the vox. If I were you I actually would play a slightly less known song that is just as good, one where people won't be quite as disgusted if you sound nothing like Bon Scott.

Shot Down in Flames
Whole Lotta Rosie
Rockin' Roll Damnation
Let There Be Rock
Riff Raff

Are a few that can be done without being shunned for not sounding true to the vocals. Don't try to sound like Bon Scott if you can't, it'll sound ugly, instead just do it generically(how you would sing a sing you wrote yourself) and people won't be as disappointed.

I'm not assuming you or your lead singer suck, I just know how difficult it is to emulate those vocals.
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me and my band used to go ****ing crazy while playing suck my kiss-RHCP. easy enough to play while going crazy. the vocals are a hell of alot easier too.