I randomly came across the pic and I've never seen this guitar before. Maybe I'm just retarded.

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ever heard of a FLYING V!!!!?!?!????

Hendrix played one, ya know........

very metal guitar.

....and yes, thou art a RETARD
Dude, I knew it was a V. I wanted to know what company made it and what model it was.

Possibly the only B.C rich fan on UG
it says Jackson as far as i can read on the headstock
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Actually jackson used to make a more typical Flying V shape with the round ends, over the King V's sharp tips.. but that still doesn't explain the headstock.. maybe if we could see all of the guitar..

plus, heres a pic of the old jackson..
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I'll try to find more pics...

haha this is gonna bother me if I don't find this out.

Possibly the only B.C rich fan on UG
it might be a stellar v
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Ok well I know we figured out what guitar it was, but heres another pic just because I think it looks cool.

Possibly the only B.C rich fan on UG
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What guitar is it then? Looks like the Jackson flying V that Dave Mustaine uses..

Does it say Agile?

Looks more like Angel than anything.