So I have my friend's keys to his car, and apparently he has a copy because after school he was gone and so was his car. I still have the keys.

How can I screw with this poor bastard?
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Drive to some fast food place where the food is really greasy, don't use napkins, lay the food on the seats, spill stuff over, leave a nice mess and smell for him.

Kidding, give him his keys back now.
Don't be a jerk, dude. This is your friend, right?

Actually... Make him think it's been stolen. Just don't actually do anything to hurt the car, cos that would be a jerk move.
Crash car derby.
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Thanks for the advice. I'm going to put it, along with your other advice, into a book, the pages of which I will then use to wipe my ass.
Go to his house when his car is parked there and just move it to the other side of the driveway, or just right out in the street.

Or make copies and distribute them to all his friends (the ones you trust to actually not damage or steal the car)
...Give it back?
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Just find his car while it is in a big parking lot, and move it to a new spot. He'll spend a good while searching for it, and you'll get a good laugh. However, DO NOT DAMAGE IT. If you damage the car, your friend has full warrant to kick your ass.
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just screw with him by turning the car around in his driveway, or turn it on, put in a cd with some techno on it, and then turn it up really really loud, so when he turns it back on he's listening to really loud techno, or if it's really dirty, take it to a car wash and then park it back where he left it so it's clean when he comes back to it.
or anything else that won't lead to being convicted for grand theft auto
or every night park it somewhere else... he';; be like "wtf is grandma putting in my tea? i cant remember anything these days"...

or yeah just give them back...
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Pick him up in his own car if he needs a ride home from somewhere.
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take it out and make him all worried, then return it with a full tank of gas and an oil change :P
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- Fill up his tank with gas.
- Go to a car wash.
- Go to an auto-shop and have his car checked for any possible concerns.

MetalClaw FTW!

witty message, dude.

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bad things would happen to someone if they ganked my car... just give him his ****ing keys back. ****in with someones car is completly different from somthing like drawing on your friend when hes passed out or rolling his yard. give the keys back...
Take all his shit out of the car and put it in a safe place, lock it back up and see what happens.
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1. Drive around for awhile until looking for roadkill.
2. Put said roadkill in his glove compartment
3. Park car in his driveway
4. Walk home.
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Hire some random chick to lay in his back seat in very skimpy clothing the day after he was piss drunk, and have her tell him last night was incredible.

This works even better if he has a girlfriend. Works even better if she doesn't discover the girl.
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piss in the gas tank!!!
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- Fill up his tank with gas.
- Go to a car wash.
- Go to an auto-shop and have his car checked for any possible concerns.
Amen to that

and have some integrity
You don't **** with a man's car, but theres small things that could probably freak him out.
Spread candies and damp condoms (warm water or something), lots of roses, and a bra in there, he'll get the wrong idea and be sufficiently freaked.
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Move the seats into awkward positions, leave the wipers on fast, move everything from the console to the glovebox and vise versa, change all his radio stations to talk radio and leave the volume on loud, clean the car and put items of importance somewhere safe (like the truck, as long as they wont break back there), move the car to a random location... that's all for now.

Just don't do anything that can cause any damage or something that wouldn't be taken as a joke.
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Buy a couple bags of birthday balloons and fill his car up with it, if you have the time...
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