Ok. I have $90 about to Best Buy. I'm still trying to see if I can get the SM58 somehow through em, but it doesn't look like it as of now, so I was wondering whether you guys could point me to a decent mic from Best Buy.


^there they are
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I didn't even know Best Buy carried mics because those really cheap PeeCee hook up ones. My band uses that PG58 which isn't THAT bad. It's used as a background vocal stage mic for us. We used 57s for guitar cabs and there are a few SM58s around. You can never have enough 58s.

IF you absolutely have to spend $90 at Best Buy, I would get the PG58. If not, save your money at get a SM58.

What did you want to use this mic for anyways? And for the love of god, don't buy any of those mics that are below $40.
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1. buy something that is 90 dollars
2. sell it on ebay for 100
3. get the mxl 990/991 mic package
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