Hello, I recently wanted to modify my Boss TR-2 pedal and one of the mods I found mentioned something about jumper-ing ...

I'll put it in context ... it says to 'Lower the value for a faster rate, or jumper for insane rate'. Also, another one says to 'Remove, not jumper'. I was pretty much just wondering what it mean't and would appreciate it if someone could inform me =] This is my first mod so I don't want to f*ck it up too badly.

Thank you in advance!
you're welcome, in advance!

since you're new to this, it's good that you ask, instead of guessing.

a jumper is just a wire. so just put a wire between the 2 holes.

when they say 'Remove, not jumper' that means don't put a wire between the 2 holes.

good luck, kid.
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