Anyone else read this book? Very insightful book, done purely in interviews, about the New York punk scene. Talks about pretty much everyone involved, from the Dead Boys, Iggy Pop, the Ramones, Patti Smith, etc. Anyway, I really enjoyed it, highly recommended.


Just wondering if anyone else has read it =]
I started reading it for a while at the library once, and it was really good, but then I had to go and I never got around to getting it again.
I bought it and read it this summer.

It's a good read, higly recommended. I went through massive book withdrawl afterwards though.
i almost bought it but i bought Rip It Up and Start Again, a book about post-punk, hate to say it, it sucked, they covered good bands, but for every band they did cover they missed a million more

Awesome book. It got me into bands like The Velvet Underground and Iggy and The Stooges. It also was an huge help in bringing me out of my crappy pop rock phase. Ironically, I got it for christmas from my older sister who hates pretty much everything about punk rock.
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I guess I should probably read it. I've seen at book stores, but I never got it because I've heard mixed reviews.
It's not that great. It's just the talking heads of punk rehashing the same old stories you've heard a million times. Get the Cometbus omnibus instead or go out and find some old zines from '77 (they're availible online now). It paints a more interesting people of what people actually thought of the bands we consider "legends" now... like the fact that some people didn't even like them then.
I always run into this book, i've looked though it many times but never actually sat down and read the thing.
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Get the Cometbus omnibus instead or go out and find some old zines from '77 (they're availible online now).

Links, please?
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I liked the part when Bob Quine ripped the shit ou of the Clash

I also liked the part where Damita got tied up and screwed by a spanish guy.

That should keep me entertained for a couple weeks when I get back to the land where poon tang actually exists...
i always see this book at borders, ive always wanted to get it. unfortunatelly, i never have any money.

If you can find old copies of Slash Magazine (70s punk scene in L.A.), I'd recommend getting that: gig reviews, band interviews, and the inimitable Kickboy Face's commentary on everything from Afghanistan to New Wave.

If you liked Please Kill Me and are at all into L.A. punk, try We Got the Neutron Bomb; it has the same kind of format.
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I have it and read a few pages, but I get confused by it. It's format is weird and I don't recognize any of the names but a few.
But that's your standard music text format when its a series of interviews.

As for the names, check out the glossary in the back. It's full of mistakes (ie that Brian Jones died in 1968) but it is rather amusing.
I noticed it has a lot of spelling and puntual errors as well, that's punk rock for ya.

I thought it was a great book, New York punk starting with the VU to the death of Johnny Thunders. It got me even more into the old New York scene. It's got interesting stories about all the bands and stuff. I recomend it, possibly even if you don't like punk.

My teacher from last year actually recomended it to me because he saw my Dead Boys shirt, he said it was a great book but he's not into punk.
I like the way it's got a bit about Nolan too, usually he's undershadowed by Thunders.

I didn't much like the cover though. If you're gonna have the Ramones, have the classic Ramones, you know.

Still, for a book on punk, it's not actually that inaccurate.
there might be another cover, but I have the ramones circa 1990-95, Rotten on the back, and joey on the spine.
what intrigued me in this book was that it mentioned that Jerry Only of the "new" Misfits was there when Sid Vicious died...i just found it odd
I bought it a couple days ago. I guess I'll start it after I'm done with Our Band Could Be Your Life.
you guys all make me feel bad...im illiterate.... >

just playing....i thinks me gonna buy the book now. i still need to buy the nick traina book though, it is suppose to be interesting.
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I am on about page 200. The book is really good so far. It's very entertaining.
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