Since as long as I could remember, my band always messed around by playing the intro part to 'Sweet Child O' Mine' by Guns N' Roses, seeing we all didn't know the whole song. Well, I had the idea to put a twist on the song, or 'remake' it.

What I was thinking was just change the chords to power chords, and I could make a riff that sounds somewhat similar to the main riff of the original. Also, we'd change the vocals to sound more like us, rather than Axl.

Do you think this would cause people to turn against us? We've never had a problem 'winning people over', but if we remake of one of the most popular classic songs, we might get disrespected?

I think that maybe the peoples' reactions will depend on how good we make the remake.
You can't please everyone. Just aim to please yourself.

Yes, do it, but do it well and with confidence.
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I love you all no matter what.
have a go, it is better than the countless other bands that just play the song as it is

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If you play it the original way, you're going into dangerous territory. Im guessin your singer doesnt sound like Axl, so it would be a bad idea to do it original.

If you play it as a cover, it BETTER BE ORIGINAL. If your changing the song, change most of it but KEEP A BASE. Dont stray too far away from the original, but do make it your own. If you get stuck in the point where its half original, half your own song, its going to sound bad. Dont go back to singing it the way it should be half way through the song.

Honestly, Id rather here a bad cover than a terrible remake.
I wouldn't change the notes of the main riff, but perhaps the syncopation of it. This sounds like a really cool idea, lemme know how it goes. I love it when bands cover songs from unrelated genres or put really cool twists on them. My band (an alternative/punk rock band) is doing a ska-punk version of Mr. Sandman (the one sung by lots of women) and a band I gigged with once played a punk rock version of Cannonball by Damien Rice. I also know there's a Powertab for a Ska/Reggae version of Hysteria by Muse whihc is really awesome. My band was also going to try a punk rock version of Heaven by DJ Sammy but we couldn't be bothered. It's whatever you make of it, but it could be great fun. I'm also a fun of slowing down and 'acoustic-izing' songs as well. I've been working on a 'campfire' version of Faster The Chase by InMe that's really downbeat. So go for it, and give us all a link to it if you record it, it sounds really exciting.
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Well, i think its disgraceful to change a song such as that into a punk song.

why, punk is one of the main influences on Guns n' roses, they released a punk-tribute album!
I say it may be quite dangerous playing it live. You will piss off ALOT of G&R fans. Alot of people who actually lisen to music, but don't play anything are really anal about that.

but then again, those kinda people care too much about passed signed bands to really care about anything local.

Though more power to you for the remake! I say go for it! What I also suggest you do is this. Lisen to the lyrics, take what YOU (the collective band) gets from teh song and change it according to that.