thats depressing, even though i dont read comics, just reading that article makes me sad
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Killed by a sniper eh? How lame. I'm sure all the comic book nerds will make up hundreds of conspiracy theories just 'cause of that.
Wolverine > Captain America

because he's Canadian
Yes, they deserved to die and I hope they burn in hell!
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that really sucks, what are the avengers going to do now??? R.I.P. Cap, the best superhero ever, we'll miss ya budy
...of all ways to die, a sniper ? its Cap!!! you'd think it'd be some sort of EPIC death, like Superman's death, he gave it everything he had in that fight and died.

if a sniper could take down cap, you'd think that would of happened a long time ago ( world war 2 anyone ?)

besides... you'd think a guy like him could survive that atleast
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Pffft, what kind of shit sniper shoots a dude in the gut?

Fo' real! Screw that "don't mess up the face for momma" nonsense...
Cue the rise of the TRUE Captain

seriously, thank God for Weapon X because if this was Canada's only superhero we'd be ****ed.
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...Thor > Everybody.
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Yeah, this saddens me. I haven't read the issue yet because the comic shop was sold out but the way he went kind of pisses me off. If he goes out, it should be doing something heroic. And isn't his suit armored? Anyway, Part of me appreciates the realism and complex themes expressed in today's comics but part of me also wishes for comics that are pure fantasy again. Of course, I know this won't last forever. Superman died and was resurrected a year later and the same sort of thing has happened to many other characters. But still, you never actually want something like this to happen. "Shocking" deaths and plot points of a similar nature are far to prevalent in mainstream comics these days...hence why I put quotations around the word shocking. You put too many big events once after another and they will cease to be big and shocking, thus making the reader jaded. The Marvel universe in particular needs some room to breathe but it doesn't look like that's going to happen anytime soon. I find myself missing the days when events were years if not decades apart and interesting, engaging stories could be told without having to rely on shaking things up all the time. But while the formula now does turn away many hardcore fans it does seem to gain a lot of readers, as sales figures for events like the recent Civil War attest. But all of this does make me wonder about the future of Captain America. The comic is still going on. I wonder if Cap's former parter, recently ressurected as The Winter Soldier, Bucky, will take up the mantle. Iron "Fascist" Man has Cap's shield somewhere as far as I know though so who know. The shield's kind of important.