i liked the vocals i think they matched up well with the song even though they werent great but i think they worked well. i kind of like the song's laid back feel good feel to it and for some reason it reminded of led zeppelin in a way some of their acoustic songs they did. good job not really my type of music but it was easy to listen to. heres the thread to mine its an acoustic song as well: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=537016
The lyrics are cool - a little cheesy, but that's alright. I think the recording quality is also good. It could be a better song if it had more parts/depth/instruments, but it is kind of catchy, so that helps. I like the guitar part at the end best. The rhythm is good throughout the piece, too. I don't really listen to this genre, and this song didn't really change my mind about the whole genre, but I think it works well for the genre you're going for. Good job. Mind critting mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=522091
nice rythm playing teach me? lol
i liked the vocals. the whole song was easy on ears, which is a good thing, obviously.
As the person before me stated, it would be nice if it had more depth into it, maybe a lead guitar or water splashing before or something to make it more interesting, but its good nonetheless.

thanks for the crit by the way
if consequences dictate my course of action

i should play god and shoot you myself
Nice rythm, haha the vocals sound like they could be the intro to a TV show or something. thanks for critting mine, and good song dude
Heh lyrics are just a little cheesy, but your singing suits the song well. Ryth playing is good but it seems to change tempo a few times which is odd. It's like, erm, Down by the Seaside by Led Zep.

Thanks for the crit
i think it'd be really cool to add a few extra instruments in to add a bit of colour to the song.

anything you find can be used as an instrument. mike it up!

I love the chords and lyrics, and I think that your voice is fine. Nice job.

Please could you crit me back?

The link is


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Haha what a cute song name.

I like the rhythm, both that with which you strum your guitar and that with which you sing against the music. It's true that the vocals do go off, it's hard to pinpoint where exactly, it just seems like you made them separately and put them together. Close but not exact, you know? It's also true that the tempo changes throughout, but it's not bad or mismatched...it's easy on the ears, for sure.