glass paints my picture,
of a time when i could learn just not live,

i've been waiting,
to get on the otherside of me,
the side that things don't come so easily,

and now that the rain's washed away,
who i use to be,
and that person wasn't me,

i've made choices,
but now i'm learning what i did,
i can't become a man like my dad did,

I just wanted to know,
the rules of survival,
it gets harder every day,
to withstand my pain,
i've said it once before,
you can't hold me down,
though my heart is on the floor,
i will stand my ground,

so quit knocking around,
you can't show no love,
to the one who's found his ground,
and i'm not taped back down,
to lies you make beleive,
that it'll be alright,
but all you'll really see,
is that i'm done ****ing around,