I was doing my spanish homework, and i always use an online translator because i dont feel like learning spanish. I translated a document and one of my sentences was

"In Europe there are castles, very great stone houses that have many anuses."

I was like WTF?

You obviosuly don't know anything about europe, it's really like that you know
Yeah, that happens. There's a site somewhere that puts whatever you want through multiple translators so it becomes gibberish.
lol i didnt put ene (n with symbol over it) i put anos (anus)

En Europa hay castillos, casas de piedra muy grandes que tienen muchos anos.

I should have put años
nice. very nice. but seriously. castles have anuses. less spanish, more history!
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you're mature...

seriously though i laughed a little
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Our Spanish teacher in high school actually banned all translation sites on the schools computer for this reason. She got tired of getting random sentences that weren't any close to being right. But if I were her, I would have enjoyed getting sentences like yours, lol. That stuff would make my day as a teacher.
The translator got year confused with anus because year is ano with a ~ over the n, and ano is without a ~ is anus....ahahaha
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Its cause you have to conjugate verbs, and make adjectives and pronouns agree. Noob. Next time do your homework.