Major problem here. Got a big gig comin up shortly. Gonna play some songs in Dropped D tuning. I use a Cort X-6 but everytime I put the the fine tuner on the 6th at a height so that I can put it easily from E to D all the other strings (naturally) will go out of tune and I just have to unlock the nut again and its really annoying. My tutor says its impossible to alternate a floyd rose between standard and D tuning during a gig. If thts true I'll have to use my Strat sor dropped D tunings and the tone of that things shit compared to the X-6. I'm gettin the Dean Razorback this summer, was gonna get it with the Floyd, but if I have to go through this much trouble for Dropped D then I'll forget about it (the Floyd that is)
Does anyone have a solution to this, its my first Floyd equipped axe so I havn't experimented too much. I'd appreciate an answer concerning the height of all the fine tuners and the tuning behind the locking nut. Cheers
Noone around you has a spare guitar you could use?
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Hmmmmm... my guitar goes well from standard to drop D without going out of tune. and if it does it just goes out of tune minorly, and when that happens i tune by ear. Just do that, and if you cant tune by hear, then learn.
If you wanna fully use the floyd system then there's not much you can do accept resetting the whole system again (as the matter of fact, thats the only thing you can do). If you wanna access the drop D and willing to sacrifice the use of the trem/ sacrifice the up-pull of the trem, then get a Tremol-no.
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fine tuning it from E to D wont make it go out of tune that much, you could easily get away with it live. or you could block up your tremolo so it no longer lets you pull it up, but it wont go out of tune. you can also reverse it after the show.
I kno a guy that has a floyd on a Jackson, and he goes in and outta drop D all the time... idk how he has his set up tho... but it is possible.. i've seen it!
yeah i dont have a floyd but ive got a floating bridge on my ibanez and it really is a pain in the ass to tune up and down.. because every string goes out..

so maybe if you can borrow a guitar or set up ur strat(i think thats what u said) so it sounds better...

but you could also get your singer to talk for a bit while you detune..
To put it simply.

You cannot put a Floyd style trem into drop-d without either "blocking" the trem Eddie Van Halen Style. Or Installing a Device such as a tremol-no which will essentially "Lock down" your bridge. This is just the nature of the trem, they are built to be tuned a certain way then locked into it so that they will not come out of that tuning.

The other device that has been previously posted, the EVH "D-tuna" is designed to be used with a guitar that has already been blocked in the Eddie style.

And yes, I do use a Floyd system. And no, you cannot simply go between standard and dropped-d tuning without retuning the whole guitar, that is without one of the aforementioned solutions.
D-tuna will only work on recessed FR if you have your action very high, even if you can fit them you wont be able to up-pull at all.
"Play with your ears" - Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert
Thats what she said...
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How does one "block up" the trem? I've heard of this loads of times, just not sure what the actual process is
^^, Yeah.. Isn't that when you just get a block of wood to wedge between the bridge and body in the back?
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My tutor says its impossible to alternate a floyd rose between standard and D tuning during a gig.

He's right.

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THe LFR on my Jackson never goes out tune when going from E to D and back, even when i don't have the nut locked, maybe i'm just lucky? I spent a lot of time setting it up too though...
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