Metallica is one of my favorite bands and i just downloaded St. Anger figuring it cant be as bad as people say, but it sucks. Besides the songs just dragging on forever and having no catchy toon to them, they have no solo (half the reason i listen to Metallica is for Kirks kick ass solos). I dont mind long songs, I actually prefer them but these songs have no solo and repeat them selves over and over for 8 minuts, every single song sucks on this album! Does everyone else agree?
yea i think this has been said 15 million times on here already, but i do agree it sucked
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Only Metallica Thread.
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I don't care for the rest of the album, but I think Frantic totally kicks ass, I love to crank that song I think it really rocks. Some Kind of Monster is pretty cool too, nice heavy groove, but way too monotonous for an 8 minute Metallica song. So I will disagree, not every single song sucks, Frantic all the way.
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yep totally agree..

i bought it (big mistake!) because all my mates said metallica is hell good..

i was like wtf this band sucks!! there is no solos??? wtf
every song sounds the same if you put the cd on and just let it play you dont even know it changes songs..

later on i heard the good metallica stuff and i was like ohh so thats why you say they're good...

but i still dont like them at all..

St. Anger release date: June 5th, 2003
Today's date: March 7th, 2007

Old as much?
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