yeah...our schools got a yearly talent show or "variety" show as they say, and I, like everyone else have no idea what to do

i play metal classic rock and whatever sounds good to me really...
its probably just gonna be me a drummer and another guitarist so..... any ideas?
Just make up some crazy song and then play as fast as you can to impress people. Have a twenty minute solo consisting of 256th notes, and try not to melt the strings. After you get laid by jealous groupie chicks, laugh at the drummer who no one noticed.
Fear of the Dark - Iron Maiden or...

you should write some stuff and get a bassist...
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writing might work
and everyone at my school who supposedly "plays" bass sucks ass
just do about 5 minutes of tapping with pick scrapes and slides

everyone that doesn't play guitar will think your god
One In A Million by Guns N' Roses

Crowd favorite...especially in inner city schools
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just play a kickass song with a simple bass line... you could do something by sabbath... i would say Iron Man, as it is probably their best known song... but you could do War Pigs... and i really like Electric Funeral...
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haha they call it a variety show because they dont want losers and fags to cry if they lose
yeah ill just play like fast shit....
thatll impress people the most

uneducated masses dont appreciate emotion or feeling... ha...
number of the beast by maiden or perhaps the trooper is awsome and maiden is usually simple enough that you can show off on stage while doing it i love maiden!!