you just use quick upstrokes of common maj and min barre chords. thats pretty much it and ska is the same thing just faster
yea its not so much as they use different chords, but the put a huge emphasis on rhythm, just play your standard barre chord (i say barre because theyre easier to mute) and just kind of mute to get a percussive sound on the downstroke and then the upstroke play the chord. repeat till next chord change
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It's not full barre chords, in the inversions and triads on the upper strings that give it that sound. You only play the key tones...

Oftentimes, the barre chord shape is used, but only the top few notes are struck. That way, it feels a lot more natural for the guitarist.
Shapes like this:

xxx655 and xxx565

and other inversions of common minor and major chords. It's more about the groove than the chords.
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its just like funk, but using barred major and minor chords.
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