Poll: Which type of guitar do you play with more?
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22 37%
36 61%
Voters: 59.
Which one do you play with more? For me, I'd have to go with acoustic, especially when I'm writing songs or something, I only play it on my electric when the final version is complete, haven't really got around to trying new stuff on my electric yet. I come up with melodies on my acoustic, I feel like its a hassle to play electric at times with having to mess with the amp and etc but oh well.
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acoustic electrics ftw
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Electric, usually unplugged (even though I have an acoustic)

Though I like playing acoustic, I don't know a whole lot of songs that sound better on the acoustic than the way I play them on the electric.
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acoustic, mainly cuz i play lots and lots of justin king...nice sig btw...
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thats a toughie I just got a new acoustic the other day so i've been playing that more lately. Although i do love my electric and play it very often.
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Acoustic, by far. (Technically, it's an acoustic electric, but I play it unplugged.)

I'm actually considering selling all my electric stuff, amps, guitars, pedals, etc. I'm much more of a folk person now than when I began playing guitar.
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electric, the only acoustic I have is really crappy and I need a new one
Acoustic guitars own my soul
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Right now I prefer my Acoustic, thats all I play. But I'll probably change my answer once I get a amp that can bring my house down.
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Electric....I love tapping and just using harmonics to make stuff up.
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acoustic, i don't have an electric. though i play my friend's a lot. but acoustic more. yeah. beer is nice. actually it tastes crap. it's carling. but it's getting me drunk, so i'm happy. guitars.
electric has more octaves so more room for creativity in my opinion i like to explore every part of my guitar and such and its easier and has more possibilities with an electric.
Electric, acoustic doesn't interest me as much, you can do so much more on an electric guitar also.
Electric at home, Acoustic on the road.
I just love the nice sound of a good acoustic. Sure you can set up and amp to sound that way, but the feel just isn't there. Plus I write all of my songs on acoustic, even if it's a simple riff I switch over to play on the electric. Most song writers use an acoustic anyways, even for big bands.
I'm all acoustic. I have nothing agianst electric players, and I like listening to good electric guitar, but electrics have never felt right to me.
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I love my electrics with a passion, but I just can't get past my love for acoustic.

Acoustic ftw
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Electric, usually unplugged (even though I have an acoustic)
Ditto. I prefer playing electric to acoustic because it allows me to play the higher notes. But I play with the distortion off because:

1. I have a really sh*tty electric guitar.
2. There are other people in my house and I wouldn't want to annoy them.
EDIT: ^Ditto

Electric, but it's about 60/40, mostly because my acoustic hardly ever ha good strings on it.

But it should even out soon, seeing as I'm back in a band.
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i write my best stuff on acoustics
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I personally prefer playing acoustic more.

I find that it's more 'fun' and I just feel better suited to doing so.