I don't know what happened. It was there last night and now the file is missing from my site. I'll let everyone know when it's back up. Sorry.
OK. Not sure what happend but it looks like the file is available again. Feedback appreciated.
its a little bit obscure but ill hand it to u for covering jeff beck... it was good but maybe a little bit dry with the staggered soloing, like a predecessor to steve vai or something, not bad though but u should try to rock it out if u r gonna revamp...
great backing track is my first observeation. You actually sound pretty close to the original here, if I didn't know better I might think.... I haven't listened to it In a while. Your guitar tone is rather dry but I think it sounds pretty cool. You could make those trills a little tighter.

Well done for attempting to cover him as well. 9/10

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