So I am 23 and my little sister is only 11. Anyways she gets in the shower and a little while later gets out and goes into her room to dress.

Like 3 seconds later she starts screaming and I am working out in my room doing my third rep of chest curls, so I have no shirt on. I immediatly drop my 50 lb weights and barge in and ask her what the **** is wrong with her and she points up at the ceiling and its just a little stupid spider on the ceiling. Our ceiling is kind of high so I have to jump to get it. So i grab a magazine and jump up to swat it. and I hit it a little but it falls and lands right on my ****ing sisters head.

she immideatly drops her towel and starts swatting at her head screaming "GET IT OFF, GET IT OFF" I notice it crawling down her back and it is still alive I drop the magazine because it wasnt working so well and i grab her shoulder with one hand to get control of her because she is flailing around like a maniac and then I am swatting at it with my only other free hand. and just then my parents burst in and see her naked and me in just my ****ing shorts spanking her rearend while she is crying her ****ing guts out.

Most ****ing embarassing day of my life. I tried to explain to them i was like "guys oh no wait there was a spider there was spider and stuff". and my little sister was still crying her guts oout and my dad just exploded and told me to "get in your ****ing room immediatly you sick ****ing bastard". It doesnt he;lp that a couple months ago they found a pair of her undies on my floor. I dont know how they got there but probably were stuck in my pants after mom did laundry or something.

Bolded the parts for quick reading
Discuss the situation

Reason it is quoted is because it did not happen to me personally
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I believe its spelled ever...
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You're kidding, right? I can't imagine myself in your situation. Wait for them to be calm and then explain.
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Definitely the worst luck ever. Do your parents actually think you were incesting it up? Cause that's pretty funny if they did. Sucks though.
dude that sucks on soooooooo many levels, but she's 11 so she sould be able to tell them what really happened, right?
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I honestly don't know what advice to give you....
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It's obviously just a case of misinterpretation. Do your best to explain it to the family, and other then that, try to avoid similar situations. Not much else you can do.
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Bolded the parts for quick reading
Discuss the situation

Its gotta really suck for people to have an incestual view of you...jeez
but anyways, you want to talk about bad luck? Try: power (lights) goes out while you're taking a shit, happened to me recently.
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Did that really happen?

I am going to assume yes, I did hear it from a reliable source.
are they from the south?
Deep south?
^This post was probably sarcastic


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I love how the dad immediately assumed the worst and called him a sick bastard...good ol' domestic love in the 21st century.

that was the greatest thing i've ever heard...
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Holy crap That's gotta suck major ass.
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Man, I feel so sorry but... **** me, that is funny shit.
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