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You tell me I can't listen to blues
You tell me I can't listen to rock
And you tell me I can't listen to metal?
But I can tell you one thing, I do what I do
And I do what I want.

They say it's the devil's music and if I
Listen to It I would be condemned to hell
Burning my senses and fry my
Heart but one Thing is on my mind.
WHAT THE ****?

You can't tell what to do anymore, you can't
Tell me what to say cause first of all I know what
I want! My guitar riffs are toxic and solos homicidal
But my songs can start a war.

Millions of parents can try to put a label on me and telling
Fans that am dirty, and stinking rich but who cares parents
Can be a bitch But it won't make a difference
Cause I have started a the resistance called the power slave!

Generations of head bangers moshing to my metal
Slim, oh hell yeah.you mosh your ****ing ass off
Tell you dropped the madness rushes through the steel rooftop,
No stopping now haha the loudness is my iron fist
Your bruises are moshing's bliss!

(Read Fast)
Live through the power, love the power
, Feel the power, mosh to the power
, Believe the power, relief the power,
See the power, be the power!
God Damnit Be The Power Slave

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