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Rest in the daily evenings

cant find a cause for all problems

leave the night lights on for the covers

conseqences wont be doubt with.

drive home to your posessions ,money problems can

stick out through your life,no more money

and then you crack under the pleasure of welth and excess

Ha they got you in to it you gambling Drunk! The Law Enforcement

I Bet living on street is faith picking garbage

with crooks and gouls,or is it scary or is it fun because

money is the one that sent you backing.the question is will i get cought.money

is not a life style but it is a choice

you though u got it all planed out

your greedy now look your a low life,

you hav become the thing you have made fun of

your mom and dad are dead and your sisters and brothers

have fled,money is your life or is scum an honor?