the flag i fought for in my hands torn in pieces of the free

i can't watch it flee,I'm sorry for not helping to

raise that flag of red,white,blue.The historical

figures of my fathers and mothers that build

my home land in now crushed and stomped.

retain fire and the bullets,call off the war,

don't kill the peace,

hang up your boots,block out the world

don 't 'watch America pass bye.......

these are in the podium of gold to long and beholded

the racism is fought over within the violence of the world

,high tail it out of the country where we all stand on.

retain fire the bullets,called off the war,don't kill the peace,

hang up your boots,block out the world

watch America pass bye.......

I cant see my family walking passing me,their dead

i cant see my age growing any faster,I'm Stuned

i cant see my flag rising,It passed away

i can only see the black smoke around my flag disguising

please dont watch america pass bye....
I started to crit this, but this just needs a general check for spelling, word structure, and grammar. I'm not expert, but if you spend 15 minutes and edit this, I'm sure it'd be much better.
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