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break your ****ing face

with a carless ****ing taste

my fist in your mouth chew it in and chew it out

pull out my knife stab your once or twice

cut your ****ing neck,slit your neck skin apart

you think im ****ing joking,i'll be laughing while your choking

suffer you son of a bitch.

drag a bat out from the yard bash it in your head

and leave you dead,im pissed and my eyes have turned red

anger is my friend which means your life turns straight to the end.

yell,kicking,and* screaming.i'll hang your kids from a rope

and shut them up with a cheap bar of soap.you beg for life and it

is a simple nope!!!

break your ****ing arms rite off and make push a sword down your

throat and lick the blood cleanly off and force you to drink poison

with a check.

Everyone Deserves To ****ing Die

yell at the top of my lung

burst my ****ing lung i dont ****ing mine

cause i made my choice and i walked the line

you look at me like am ****ing insane

being happy is a pain,which i can really gain

die bitch die i won't hurt me if you

die.lie bitch lie i won't hurt me if you cry

bang bang bang their goes your head

consiter your self dead!!!!!!!
Oh man.

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I like it man. Are you going for the death metal sound (ie. Cannibal Corpse)? Or the heavy metal-core type sound (ie. KSE or CoB)?
graphic....talks about killing people,

but if everyone deserves to die, wouldnt the writer want to kill himself? theres just a lot of gore, but deep motive other than hate/depression etc....the lyrics are flat, doesnt really provoke thought, and doesnt leave me with any impressions than that i dont really want to read it again......maybe thats it,

i was hoping for somethign a little more introspective, to me it just seems like a bunch of words written to disgust and plea sympathy from the reader/listener,

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i was friggin mad as hell they r flat ,in a meter of madness i was a ten i almost punched my dad but i dont thing they r really lyrics