Alright, this is my first song to completely tab out like this, so there may be some crap-ups here and there, and I've NEVER EVER wrote a drum riff before, so the ones in this song may be 'odd' or whatnot, so tell me what cold be done to improve that. The first solo was written by my other guitarist... ignore that solo for the time being, it was all off-key, and he just put random notes... I'm going to fix that shortly.

But enough of the complaints, this is a song I've been working on, called the Route of Oppression, it's a thrash metal piece, and the lyrics are going to reflect the trail of tears and the hardships of the indians and whatnot. Tell me what you think.

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Now, i do like this quite a lot.
Thrash Metal is by far the best genre of music. I base my songs on the same thing.
Anyway, the first bit i ain't too keen on but the rhythm starting at bar 20 is awesome. Up to about bar 36. The rhythm afterwards is good, but it sounds, to me, that bar 38 is not in timing with the other bars around it.

The solos though are great.

Overall i would probably give this a 7/10 only because it does tend to drag on a bit, but other than that, very good.

If there was another guitar playing another rhythm on top, this could easily be a 9/10.
now see.. i'd listen to this, but i dont have the latest version of GP5, nor is there a present MIDI

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