I think that might be becuase the link leads to a blank profile

Well for me at least....

Edit: Mind you that big ol "check out my Band!!" in your sig does work lol

It was cool, I guess I mean i love the guitaring and drums on Thirsty Wednesday and all of your stuff really, but I can't say the vocals are really my thing ya know.

Keep doing what you love mate Its fun stuff
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I love your vocals man.

This band is fun. If you got the songs recorded properly, tightened the songs up a bit and shortened the songs (with grind i tend to lose interest quickly) you could have some real good shit.

Keep it up!
i like the first song, but a heavier sounding guitar would be awesome. bass could add a lot to that.

vocals are good. i don't typically like grind-core, but when you get a huge sound that envelops your senses it's great.
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Yes, my lows are mostly inhaled-the piggy sounding low is exhaled though, my highs i do both and the pig squeels I do outward.