how many guitarists play this game?

i've been playing this for liek a year now ( i no i no it;s been out or a long time) and it's one of the few things i do for fun along side with guitar


favorite race?
interesting strategies?
thoughts on Koreans?
ur battle net name if u wanna play?

nething about starcraft can come here
SC is very fun, though I suck. Bad. I usually play the Terran, I'm just not very good at them.

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starcraft ftw. i like building with terran because its like a challange not to get fuxed over by mm, when im doing the missions and compstomps i like being toss, and zerg is just cheap cuz it builds during mapmax. my fav strategy is while terran and trying to get over a wall into someone elses base, but its guarded with turrets or cannons, float over CCs and the turrets will shoot at them. they take forever to die because they have 1500 health. then fly over and kill the turrets while they are distracted by the CCs. its a genius plan. you can credit me for that one

and my battlenet name is fltl1nr06
us east

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o and koreans [this is coming from my korean mouth] are stereotyped to be pros >

i lost my national pride for many reasons. Do not think koreans are better than j00 >
mine is minimalcontrol

come to west on channel: clan paw

we are recruiting if ur interested

i play like everyday
WC3 TFT ftw
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I've been playing that game since I was 8, my bnet name is the_fish if you want to play sometime but i'm not on that often anymore
i probably lost my account name by now (same as my screen name).
i can play any race, i first started playing back in 2000? i think. my first account was about 4k wins 20 or so losses, no disconnects.
as far as strategies:
zerg : pure offense, ling rush, sunken rush if vs another zerg. or mass mutas with a few hydra+lurker drops.
terran: pure defense, build a wall, supply depots up front, bunkers, turrets, tanks and valks. then build craploads of CCs and float them for maximum space&supplies. then go Nukes + BCs. game over.
Protoss: everything. mass zlots, while stealing a zerg drone/terran scv with shuttle + dark archon mind control. then mass scouts, zlots w/ lings and lurker/tank drops. pure pwnage. takes lots of practice though. took me a long time to perfect my toss strats.
US West.
Once i get a windows emulator on my Linux then I'll start playing again, along with WC3 tft and WoW.
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lol dark_asylum, i guess ur prolly a money map player
aint nothing wrong with that

but i 've gotten bored of zc and fmp

i play on all the reg maps, but i'm working on ROV

ih8u2, see if u can get on at 4 tmrw

ums is fun too