Frozen in ambivalence
under the influence
of your words
they're stuck
in my head

Paralyzed from indecision
losing my vision
what i just

Yeah, maybe I think too much
but I didn't think this through.
And I know I don't talk too much
but I know I talked to you.
Filling in the silence when we converse
with four letter words to make it worse.

I can't make these choices
I've had it with these voices
I wish i
never got out of
my bed

Don't give me responsibility
just put a pill in me
won't have to choose
if I
am dead


Why can't i talk to you?
every word, you see right through
and I'm running
out of

Yet again humiliation
endless frustration
and i need

I liked the chorus so i wrote the verses in about 5 minutes before i posted... tell me what you think....

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