I'm planning on purchasing a peavey classic 30 amp, but I'd like some opinions on whether it's better to get the combo, or the head.

Also, does anyone have some recommendations for a good cabinet that can play a small gig, but isn't overkill for home practicing. something not too expensive preferably.
I was looking at this http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Rocktron-Velocity-S112-Cabinet?sku=601500
you dont need a cabinet, get the combo and just stack your amp ontop of a chair or a table to elevate the projection from your speakers. Adding another speaker wont neccesarily make your volume noticably louder, its the fact that your speakers are pointing more at your ears than your ass.

youre getting a tube amp, itll sound better cranked at least a bit, just elevate the combo off the ground! plus, if you buy the head and a crappy cab, itll sound like ass...especially if its a 1 12 anyway. If you plan on keeping this amp, and getting a nice cab, then do it up, otherwise, keep with the combo mang. Itll sound so much better, and itll be louder than you think!

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