I know Prog rock is about every instrument but this is a question I've been dying to ask.
Who is the better guitar player Yes' Steve Howe or Floyd's David Gilmore.
I think Howe is better, but thats why I'm asking you.
there's no real basis to compare there, the are two very diferent styles while Howe is technically superior to Gilmour theres no way you can compare his technique to gilmours feeling and compositional skills. They're both great players and that's that

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You spelled Gilmour wrong too.

Steve Howe was much better than Gilmour, but Gilmour is great and that's all that matters. On a technical level, atleast, Steve is better. But each is incredible and each are amazing musicians. It basically boils down to who do you prefer listening to, and not who is better. Which style do you prefer, and which do you enjoy listening to the most.

Anyway, sorry, but gotta follow the rules.

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