this is only for fans of true, heavy, very musical metal. no simplness to make it catchy, just utter shredding and brutality. we need a drummer, so all fans of sick metal should definetely check this out and leave input..... www.myspace.com/grimnerhell. this is no joke......
I don't want to come off as a dick. But the vocals are terrible. It might be the recording quality that ruins them though.

Also, the guitarwork isn't bad at all by any means, but just work on recording it better.

You definately need to find the drummer, it sounds empty.

Also, personally, I think the music is a bit cheesey, but whatever floats ye boat.

Please critique my band's new recordings, here's the thread:
i agree vocals arnt great, the whole thing will sound alot better with a drummer though so yea...
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lol I hope this isn't the next metal wave cuz otherwise we're screwed...
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are you usinga digitech metal master pedal on a practice amp or something? theres some cool guitarwork but seriously lacks tone
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i'm using a behringer gx212 amp with no pedal, just built- in fx. i know the recording quality sucks, and OBVIOUSLY there's no drummer or bassist, but this is just a rough sample of our stuff and the direction we're trying to go.... here in new york we are already being talked about by bands like skinless, misery index, and even trivium as a possible huge future success....