Well if you guys should know anything, I haven't really written lyrics for the rock genre in a while, or ever maybe. I usually write poems and use to do some hip hop but I gave that up lol. So yeah

By: Me ... a.k.a Tolga

Driven to the ground
with so much stress
livin through the sound
with no more rest

And I laayy awaakeee in my bed
with those eyesss buurrnedd in my head
Thats the reason I haven't joined the dead
shes my baby the only one, makes me live instead

my heart pours nothin but the sweetest love
thats where i stopped cause i felt like it. cause it doesnt seem good to me

Power of Love
By: ... Me a.k.a Tolga lol

Great destinations
with the city on my back
Great inspirations
and a funky beat on the track
Play to the world
while floating with the green
Come on!

-Guitar Solo-

Shine with the city
and play to the night
live with no pity
and live for the fight
this is your life
so live it to your dreams

-chorus with diff guitar-
And then you'll know ...
And then you'll know ...
to live your life with love
and then you'll know ...2x
the power of your love!

live with your beauty
and give her all your love
give to your family
aid peace with the dove
give joy with some laughter
and passion with your hear

-another guitar color-

-Chorus 2x-
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