yeah I played a lot of instruments, and sung a lot today, got it all done in about four hours, but it was fun, anyways nothing really to say about it, other than I've always loved this song, and I finally covered it


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Ace, my fav clash song! Hmm, the recording sound pretty bad, the backing that is. The guitar needs to be less saturated, and more forward in the mix. The song seems to bassy as well, but that might be cos im listening through headphones. The tambourine makes a suprisingly good replacement for the drums. The guitar sounds nice on the tremelo bits.

Also you have great voice, especially for this song. Just sound quality let you down.

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guitar sounds too scratchy at some parts i think.
Vocals are awesome, although that song ain't that hard to sing...
hey, thanks for the comments on 99red balloons + smooth criminal

i quite like this cover, not familiar wit the original song but it sounds pretty solid to me. your vocals aren't bad and seem to fit quite well with the style.

the only thing i would say is that the guitar tone isnt that brilliant, what are u using to record it? it sounds a bit scratchy but the playing's generally quite solid. good job