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lol too many~

one robot's dream - joe satriani
tender surrender - steve vai
third stone from the sun - jimi hendrix

either YYZ or La Villa Strangiato by Rush
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tender surrender, for the love of god - steve vai
orion - metallica
surfing with the alien, crushing day - joe satriani
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Orion - Metallica
To Live is to Die - Metallica
Bladecatcher - Mastodon
(If it counts) Pendulous Skin - Mastodon

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Claire de Lune? Does that count?
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seriously though, listen to DaliLama.
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Whale & Wasp - Alice in Chains
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Garden of Dreams: Mr. Hope Goes to Wall Street - The Flower Kings

Dissonance is Bliss

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clubbed to death - rob dougan
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Tender Surrender, The Crying Machine, and 95% of Steve Vai's discography

Battlestar Scralatchitica - Incubus
YYZ - Rush
Erotomania - Dream Theater
Hells Kitchen - Dream Theater
Blue Powder - Steve Vai
Flying in a Blue Dream - Joe Satriani
Curve - John Petrucci
Technical Difficulties - Racer X
B.R.O. - Racer X
Black Star - Yngwie Malmsteen
Far Beyond the Sun - Yngwie Malmsteen
Acid Rain - Liquid Tension Experiment
Nottingham Lace - Buckethead
Frankenseuss Laboratories - Buckethead
Selkies: The Endless Obsession (Instrumental) - Between the Buried and Me
Laser Speed - Between the Buried and Me
Lovesorrow - Marty Friedman


Cliffs of Dover - Eric Johnson
SRV - Eric Johnson
Tender Surrender - Steve Vai
The Crying Machine - Steve Vai
Don't kill me, but, damn, "The Crusade" by Trivium just wins. It used to be Summer song by Satriani, but hell. The crusade is the bees knees!

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"Stigmata" by Arch Enemy is the first thing that comes to mind.
"Ashes of the Wake" by Lamb of God is pretty sweet, too.
"The Mind's Eye" by Dark Tranquility is amazing.
"Acoustic Medley" by In Flames
"Man Made God" by In Flames
"Patterns in the Ivy" by Opeth

Mmkay. There's my list.
Spiral Out
Binge and Grab - Buckethead

Honorable mention to:
Stream of Conciousness - Dream Theater
Rods and Cones - Blue Man Group
Take Five - Dave Brubeck Quartet
Building the Church - Steve Vai
The Extremist - Joe Satriani
Ice Princess - Tony MacAlpine
Wizards in Winter - TSO
Into the Oblivion - Warmen
La Villa Strangiato or Leave that thing Alone by Rush.

or...The Barbarian by ELP. or the Pilgrim by Wishbone Ash. there's probably more.
The Crusade.
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For the love of god. - Steve Vai
Orion - Metallica
Midnight - Joe Satriani
Far Beyond the sun - Yngwie Malmsteen.
EDIT: Of course.. Little Wing - Stevie Ray Vaughan
for the love of god Steve Vai

Migh as well close the thred now
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Metallica-Orion definitely..
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Mogwai - Mogwai Fear Satan
Zwan - Mary Star of The Sea
Buckethead - Nottingham Lace
Metallica - The Call of Ktulu

(I'm sure there's some I'm forgetting)
loco motives-justin king
paris morning-justin king
taps-justin king

justin king ftw!!!
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Joe Satriani:
Anything he's ever written
But just for fun, let's try and narrow it down a tad...
Brother John
New Day
Surfing With The Alien
Always With me Always With You (Live 2006)
Lords of Karma
Hill of the Skull
The Crush of Love
Flying in a Blue Dream
The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing
One Big Rush (Live in San Francisco)
Day at the Beach
The Forgotten Pt1
The Forgotten Pt2
Into the Light
The Extremist
Summer Song
New Blues
Banana Mango II
Thinking of You
Speed of Light
Dweller on the Threshold
Saying Goodbye
Down Down Down
Moroccan Sunset
(You're) My World
Lights of Heaven
Raspberry Jam Delta-V
With Jupiter in Mind
Secret Prayer
A Piece of Liquid
ZZs Song
Love Thing
Flavor Crystal 7
Borg Sex
Until We Say Goodbye
The Power Cosmic 2000 Pt1
The Power Cosmic 2000 Pt2
Engines of Creation
Turkey Man
Starry Night
Chords of Life
Mountain Song
Hill Groove
The Traveller
You Saved My Life
The Eight Steps
Dog With Crown And Earring
Is There Love In Space?
If I Could Fly
The Souls of Distortion
Just Like Lightnin'
It's So Good
The Meaning of Love
A Love Eternal


Eric Johnson:
Manhattan (G3 1997)
Cliffs of Dover

Steve Vai:
Tender Surrender
Blue Powder
Die to Live
Christmas Time is Here
Brandos Costumes, Gentle Ways
The Crying Machine
Boston Rain Melody
Salamanders in the Sun
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SRV - Little Wing
Eric Johnson - Manhattan
Eric Johnson - Cliffs Of Dover
Steve Vai - Whispering A Prayer
Steve Vai - Tender Surrender
Joe Satriani - Until We Say Goodbye
Gary Moore - Parisienne Walkways
Gary Moore - The Loner

Yngwie: Black Star, Far beyond the sun, Krakatau, Icarcus Dream Suite
Ritchie Blackmore; 16th century greensleves
Pink Floyd; One of these days
Yngwie: Black Star, Far beyond the sun, Krakatau, Icarcus Dream Suite
Ritchie Blackmore; 16th century greensleves
Pink Floyd; One of these days
Buckethead: Nottingham lace, Big Sur Moon
Satch: Searching
God, where to begin? Well, might as well start with good ol' 'Tallica:

-The Call Of Ktulu
-To Live Is To Die
-(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth
-Into The Lungs Of Hell
Marty Friedman
-Forbidden City
-Dragon Mistress
-Saturation Point
-Thunder March
-Gimme A Dose
-It's The Unreal Thing
-Corazon de Santiago
-Realm Of The Senses
Jason Becker
-Perpetual Burn
-Dweller In The Cellar
Yngwie Malmsteen
-Black Star
-Icarus' Dream
Paul Gilbert
-Three E's For Edward
-Get Out Of My Yard
-The Crusade
Racer X
-Technical Difficulties
Dream Theater
-Stream Of Consciousness

Just a little sampling of some great instrumental music
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