Poll: blue sky solo vs freebird solo
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Blue Sky solo
9 45%
Freebird solo
11 55%
Voters: 20.
well freebird by skynyrd and blue sky by the allman brothers both have amazing solos, but which one do you think is better. i personally think blue sky is better because its long and really good but it doesnt get too long like freebird

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Better than those two
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quite honestly, both of those solos are really cliche and annoying, but i guess ill have to go with blue sky since its not an overt display of excessive wankery.
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freebird hands down. the lead up to the solo is like "BWAAAH!" and then you really get into it. after a while, it kind of melts into your ears and just seems like a background thing. and then he hits the licks when the whole rest of the band breaks down and you're like "FUCK THAT RULES!" So yeah, Freebird.
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The Allman's are just sooo much more my style. Blue Sky FTW. I love the fricking sound of his guitar.
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