Hey i play the bass and i was wondering how one goes about learning to play by ear. I can play by tabs with some degree of skill but i cant even fathom listening to a song then just playing it or transcribing it. Any advice?
well since you play bass and not guitar you might have to this this a little higher on the neck...what you can do since, just listening and transcribing is too time consuming. sit down
and play a note on your bass try to sing the note and then try to sing a whole step higher lower or a half step higher lower without the bass and you always have the bass to check if you were right
yeah, i was also wondering if anyone here had some methods for training the ear.
I didnt really have a method. And I cant really distinguish a WHOLE song yet... but Im finally on track. I've been playing about a year and a half. I can hear most chords, and most of the notes in the song once I know what key I'm in. For me I sorta got it over time. By playing along. Or trying to play along.

Or if I listen to a song... with alot of chords. I'll say for example C, G, D, Am, E and play it until I got it right or some of it. See what sounds right. Of course its time consuming, and takes away from practicing other things. But its a huge help if you have it. Helps alot if your a session musician.
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Takes lots of practice. After awhile when you hear a song...youll just picture where its played on the neck.
A good way of developing a good ear is to listen to the note that is being played, then try to repeat it vocally. From your vocals try and find the note on the bass and match it.

It takes time, but in the long run it's very easy.
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Quote by Nelsean
It takes time, but in the long run it's very easy.

And beneficial
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Try playing simple melodies by ear.... happy birthday, jingle bells, etc.
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