I desperately need to fix the buzz on my tele. It pretty much only occurs when I have my hands off the strings. I don't think it's the single-coils that are the problem because my Strat (SSS) doesn't have this problem when plugged into the same (completely clean) amp.

Could be a connection problem, but I'm not too sure about that. What could the problem be?

Thanks in advance
It could be your lead mate try other leads if you havent or check the wiring for something out of the ordinary. Or think wat is wrong with this picture as in wat is different about me playing this tele to other guitars and people and that might help find the problem

Hope that helps
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[UFender Strats are usually noisier than Fender Teles, but you didn't mention what make your guitars are.

1 -- your body acts like an antenna for noise and couples it into the pickups and unshielded wiring.

2 -- touching the strings grounds your body, and reduces the amount that can get into the pickups/wiring.

3 -- shield your control cavity and pickup cavities.

4 -- http://www.guitarnuts.com/wiring/shielding/tele.php

5 -- PROFIT!!!!
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It's a good idea to follow the Guitarnuts guide to shielding. As the Tele bridge pickup is generally more overwound than Strat pickups, it will hum a bit more. Good shielding and star grounding will be able to get rid of most of this hum.
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put both pickups on.

That helps a bit. If you don't like that tone, Make the grounding ring and attach to your finger.
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