So I just bought me this Seymour Duncan JB. I will be putting it in with my stock neck pickup. Im goin to get some 250k pots for it as well. However, the JB is a four wire (or conducter) pickup, and the stock neck is 2 wire or conducter. Could someone please make me up a diagram for this?
Look before you ask in the future. Simply find the diagram that matches your setup.
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I have looked a seymour duncan and all they got is diagrams for four conducter hums.
I cant figure out how it would go with a two conducter so could someone please make one or edit one for me?
How many volumes and tones do you have? I'll splice two diagrams together for you.
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I don't know if I can help it.

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o ok thanks forsaknazrael... and its a les paul style guitar.
hey i got a quik question about my new seymour duncan invader pickup. Its already installed but i'd like to kno if i shud raise it closer to the strings or lower it further to get a blink 182 sound. Thanks
Tonally it'll barely alter things. Pickup height has more to do with sustain than anything else.

Anyway it's probably relatively close to the stings for extra "heat"...
so what do I do with the red and white wires?
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Tape them off with some electrical wire so no part of the wire is exposed and leave them. You dont need them. Funny, I installed a JB in the bridge of my washburn last night