Just a question:
Basically i have to make a website for school, and they ask to put music on the page. Instead of embedding in the page using script, i'm making a player in flash.

Okay, it's setup like this (i've had to use '..' and '-' to indent, so i hope you understand):

Scene 1
::: background and stuff
::: Movie Clip (a)
----: Sound
----: Movie Clip(s) - Containing song name marqueeing
----: Timing/Duration counter
----: Movie Clip
.....---: Play/Stop/Pause buttons

Now, I want the play stop and pause to control 'movie clip (a)', which contains the sound. Reason why i'm doing this is i want to add a red (stop), green(play) and blue(pause) lights.
If i can find out how to be able to control (a) through a movie clip within (a), then it'll all be good.
I've done this before but i haven't used flash for AGES.
Okay, i'm SURE i've done this before.

Anyway all I need is a little bit of action script for each button so i can control which frame is used in clip (a).

I hope that makes sense.

Oh and if you're wondering why i'm doing this in flash or why i'm bothering with the light thing, it's because flash really interests me, so i like to make it look spiffy.

Thanks in advance.

I'm using Flash MX Pro 2004.
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sorry dude, we stopped flash like 2 years ago and even back then i didnt took the time to learn to use it well. but if you have questions about XSI (3-d animation), ask me!
You're shit out of luck friend, I had some script for buttons and shiz, and it's no longer working.

Ahhh it was simple, i figured it out.

on (release) {
_root.gotoAndPlay(2) ;

(and change 'gotoAndPlay(2)' with 'Stop()' and 'gotoAndStop(1)' for the different buttons. EEEEASY!
You can also trigger sounds without having to place them in a movie clip, with the "sound object". I guess it's not really necessary in your project, but with that method offers a lot more possibilities in what you can do with the sounds (load external mp3's, start at any given offset in milliseconds, etc.)

I've found this tutorial very helpful:
It's a very extensive guide on how to use and control sounds with the sound object. One of the best free tutorials i've seen.
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I wouldve done that, load the file externally, but the website won't be on the net, just on the network, so no need really. I dont think, atleast.

Thanks for the tut!