ok. i play a gibson les paul and it is my main guitar. problem is that i use a whammy bar on one of my solos. i really dont like the guitar i used to record that solo. i just liked the whammy. i want to play that song with my les paul but it doesnt have one. is there a company that makes them for les pauls or am i going to have to build one from scratch? i know that neal schon of journey has one on his les paul but i cant find it anywhere.
not many dives, just a few. i was gonna use the wah pedal on the solo but it just didnt sound right. you can check out the song at my bands' myspace page www.myspace.com/tendencytostray
the name of the song is army of the dead. the solos are towards the end
kahlers are the way to go
i myself would suggest the Kahler 2315
because it's the one Jeff Hanneman uses
and he is a god
Gooby Pls.
i was thinking i might be able to fashion one out fo the existing bridge. have it kinda sit it where the bridge is now and just make it to where it bends