I've always been curious on how the whole studio recording process works.

There is a battle of the bands this Saturday is SF. The bands that sold 100 tickets get 10 hours of free studio recording time.
Is that enough for over 3 songs?

Anyway, how much does it cost on average for studio recordings (I said on average)?
Is it a difficult process also?

Someone tell me about it
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Studio time really varies widely between studios. It's kind of difficult at first if you've never done it before, but if you've really got your shit together and everyone knows their parts perfectly, you shouldn't have any trouble getting 3 songs done in 10 hours
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I usually do a rule where it's 8 hours for one song, and that's just tracking. However if I were really strapped for time, you can manage to do 3 songs in 10 hours like civildp1 said. You may also want to e-mail the producer of the studio beforehand. I onced e-mailed a producer asking what his process was and once he told me, I decided not to hire him because I knew it wouldn't be right for our group. However since you know you'll have him, you'll know what he's expecting and you can get prepared. Also be sure to tell him about your band and needs.
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Umm I am recording with a great producer in Minnesota nearby, and for one great sounding track its about 200$ total for hours of work. So I guess for a full CD it'd be about (for us) 2000 dollars, seeing how we want 10 songs to be on it or so.
The bands that sold 100 tickets get 10 hours of free studio recording time.
Is that enough for over 3 songs?

I've done 5 songs in 7 hours and the band walked out with the finished project. I've also taken 2 years to produce 12 songs. So it really depends.

Sorry man, you will probably only get one song done, MAYBE if you are really lucky 2 songs. My band went into a studio last night and it took us 6 hours to do one song. And the song wasn't technicals, 2 guitars, drums, bass, vocals.