Hey guys, I'm learning how to sing at the moment, and would like to do more songs then just the ones my singing teacher gives me. I was just wondering if anyone knew of any nice acoustic tabs (preferably Guitar Pro) with the vocal scores too? Something along the lines of Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, etc. I'm pretty much useless at singing in key if I don't know the notes the actual vocals are. Thanks!
john mayers acoustic stuff
and an easy one would be you & me - lifehouse, simple but sounds great.
I'm also trying to learn singing by following along vocal scores.

I've been trying Let It Be but to no avail :-/

If ANYONE has a (correct) score/tab of the vocal melody for Howie Day's Collide, I will be eternally grateful.
Umm...I don't know where to get any vocal scores but Cat Stevens is great for playing and singing. He's probably one of my favorite singer/songwriters along with Bob Dylan of course. But if you're actually a really decent singer, you could try some Beach Boys songs off of the Pet Sounds album. That'd be somewhat more of a challenge.